20 October 2013

Bangkok, Thailand // The Final Day

This is a continuation of my recent trip to Bangkok, Thailand with The Boy. Do spend some time to read about Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3 if you haven't!

13 October 2013

The breakfast we had was by far the most saltish one during our stay. *cringe*

J and I decided to spend another morning at Chatuchak Weekend Market, this time round to meet up with Audrey and Caleb who flew to Bangkok on the 12th. There was miscommunication between J and Audrey, so they ended up going there 8 plus while we proceeded as planned to leave hotel at 930am. Yikes.

We knew what we wanted to eat/try this time round, so we attacked the stalls as soon as we arrive the market. J said the Thai sauce that comes with the meatball tasted slightly different from the day before, but it was indifferent for me. Maybe a chef sensitivity in taste?

Remember how commented on the performance at the teh tarik stall? Yes! We went back there again and he performed for us because he had to make a new batch. Lucky us! He took the performance up the notch this time round by multitasking. See that earpiece he's wearing? He was talking on the phone from the start of the performance until the end, and he can even turned like he wasn't multitasking. Madness, I tell you.

After satisfying our stomach, we called Audrey and marked the Clock Tower as meeting point. J made fun of us by saying "Funny ah you two. Back home never meet, come all the way here then meet." Life is as funny as it can be. Heh.

We split up after J shared the story of being chatted up by a ladyboy and molested in the packed train by another lady, and agreed to meet in the evening to visit Asiatique Night Market. I told J about going back to the pet section, he managed to track back from the Clock Tower. Thank goodness for his superb memory. Initially I wanted to take photos there, but every pet stall has a 'No Photography' sign on it. I didn't really want to cause any trouble, so we admired the little ones for a while before making our way.

I tried to convince J to try the Coconut Ice-Cream that everyone has been queueing, but he wasn't really interested, so I ended getting one for myself. It looked pretty decent, but I wasn't attracted to how it tasted. At all. J tried a small bit, didn't find it repulsive as I did, but didn't like it either just because.

We had wanted to take a quick rest on our feet at the hotel before heading out again, but we ended up taking a good nap. Met up with the couple at Siam BTS Station and headed to the pier at Saphan Taksin BTS Station for the shuttle boat. We thought we were rather early, apparently many others think like us too because there was already a long queue by the time we got there.

Getting to Asiatique The Riverfront:
• Take BTS Skytrain, alight at Sathorn Taksin station.
• Follow the sign to the exit that says "Sathorn Pier" or "Central Pier".
• There will be a queue to the shuttle boat that says "Asiatique" on the left.

Asiatique was VERY different from when I went with my cousin in 2007. The one I remembered was very much similar to Chatuchak, but this one was much more organised and cleaner. They now have warehouses of shops, which makes it easier to locate one that you wanna look at again. Since it was our last night here, I was pretty determined to get the bags for our mums and souvenirs for the ladies at work.

Walking past a shop that sells postcard
Me: Oooo~ postcard! Hey, I have an idea. Why not we get one each and send to each other? I send to you, and you to me.
J: What for?
Me: Well.... it'll be memorable. Plus, I AM collecting postcards. It'll be interesting. Sounds like a plan?
J: Then, I'll just get one for you.
Me: Really? You sure you don't want one?
J: Nope, just for you will be fine.
Me: Ok! *puppy eyes*

Found an empty bench and J got working on the postcard. I assured him I will have the integrity not to watch as he writes, nor will I read until I receive it in my mailbox. I am trying to contain my excitement here in order not to type a paragraph of symbols. *victory dance*

We scored a bag each at NaRaYa before leaving the market. I didn't understand why the store was packed with people until we go in there, things were so much cheaper! J told me his mum liked the bag, so thank goodness we went there in the end.

By the time we go back to hotel, it was near midnight. I didn't call mum like I did the previous nights since it would be 1am in Singapore. Both of us took quick shower and knocked out from all the walking, with a heavy heart.

It's THE last night of the trip.

Do stay tune for more travelogues on this trip! #havingfunteasingyou


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