04 October 2013

Relive That Moment

"A memory you would love to relive."


I can't remember how exactly it happened, but we ended up having dinner alone somehow. You always have a place in mind to go, and sometimes it surprises me. In a good way.

We headed to 7-Eleven and got ice-cream each. Before I could comprehend your thinking, I am holding onto an ice-cream on one hand while my shoes are hooked onto fingers on my right. To stroll down the beach while indulging on ice-cream is something I never thought would happen. I didn't care much about the mess I was making, or how unglam I must've looked, that moment felt really enjoyable.

The tour to the tower and the brief chat of which the content I have no recollection of on the chairs made the night a little extra special. It's like you're showing me a small part of your world that is different from the others.

That night was unexpectedly comfortable. I'm going to sound like a bitch for saying this, but despite all that had happened, I would go through everything to relive that moment again.

Blogtember, a September blog challenge, initiated by Jenni has been focused and taken part by many others. It's a good way to revisit the past, appreciate each happy and sad moments, discover yourself, and of course knowing the fellow yummers of the blogosphere! Don't forget to check up other link ups!


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