26 October 2013

SMC September - Back to School

I was so inspired and excited when September theme, Back to School, for the Snail Mail Collective was announced! Why? Singapore has a good history of games and toys used in schools since many generations ago. With such rich history, I can't deny I had a little difficulty deciding on which to get for my partner.

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Meet the partner Chelsea, the gal from southern California! I am still very jealous on the fact she is only 30 minutes from the beach. The initial stage of getting to know each other was a hectic one. Right after my first move of emailing her, I fell sick for the whole month. Terribly sick. Thank goodness, Chelsea didn't give up on me (ie look for another partner), hence the chance to know her better in the midst of our individual busy lifestyle.

I really fell in love with her handwriting and the way she ties the butterfly knot. The candies were definitely a score because you can't find that in Singapore, as of now. I'm trying my best to control the speed of eating 'em. It's not easy, ok?

She also included watercolored notebook (one of my wallet's kryptonite) and hand-printed cards from her Etsy shop. Ain't them lovely!?

Do check out Chelsea's post if you are interested in knowing what I got for her!

The Snail Mail Collective start afresh with a new theme on the 1st of every month, you have until 7th for registration. Pairing results will be announced a couple of days later (which felt like weeks!). Check out Melyssa or Chelsea for more information!


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