06 October 2013

The Sunday Currently #5

  • READING the number of Crystogen Points needed to further develop for my FF13 characters.
  • WRITING this very post.
  • LISTENING to myself spam-pressing the O-button on the PS3 controller.
  • THINKING about Roller Coaster snacks again. Yikes.
  • SMELLING the soup that is slow boiling in the crock pot.
  • WISHING money can be planted and grow easily.
  • HOPING tomorrow's problem at work never comes. Le sigh.
  • WEARING a purple t-shirt and three-quarter pants.
  • LOVING how The Boy is excited about the trip.
  • WANTING to munch on snacks.
  • NEEDING to put less thoughts on all the trouble and cheer up, so I won't kill The Boy's excitement in any way.
  • FEELING a little hungry since I only had breakfast.
  • CLICKING on LINE app to send some love to The Boy.

Peep at how the others' spend their Sundays here!


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