20 October 2013

The Sunday Currently #6

  • READING my Twitter feeds.
  • WRITING the day of return from my Bangkok trip.
  • LISTENING to the orchestra of a temple affair somewhere out there.
  • THINKING that I should probably change out of my PJ and get ready for visit to aunt.
  • SMELLING something sourish. Where is it coming from?!
  • WISHING I have straight, manageable hair. #cantfightgenetic
  • HOPING life will get back on track. There is A LOT of life plans pinned ahead.
  • WEARING my PJ still.
  • LOVING the process of writing the travelogue for my Bangkok trip I really miss that teh tarik.
  • WANTING hashbrown from McDonald's. (Yes, despite the twin ulcers.)
  • NEEDING to ease the pain and cure the twin ulcers on the inner of my lips. Damn.
  • FEELING happy to hear about all the cousins' pregnancy news.
  • CLICKING through Flickr.

Strangely, I'm feeling at ease this Sunday. Not freaking out on the fact that it's Monday, not wanting more weekend time. Let's hope this will continue until the end of the day. Happy Sunday y'all!


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