27 October 2013

The Sunday Currently #7

  • READING on the points noted for a media kit.
  • WRITING a preferred media kit layout on notebook.
  • LISTENING Make You Feel My Love by Glee.
  • THINKING how should I get started on my media kit.
  • SMELLING Xiao Bai's shampoo from my hands.
  • WISHING money would drop from sky. (Why do I have a feeling I wished for this before?)
  • HOPING it would just rain already! Stop teasing us with thunder only!
  • WEARING my comfy home wear.
  • LOVING how relax and satisfying the weekend has been.
  • WANTING to give up on trying to go round Passionfruit error.
  • NEEDING to work on Za's request.
  • FEELING much better from the earlier overdo-it blogilates workout.
  • CLICKING on replay button for the nth time on Make You Feel My Love video.

Happy Sunday y'all! Well, by the time this is posted, it would be halfway through the last day of weekend here in Singapore. I have a relaxing Saturday with J, watching movies at home and eating junk food. Almost had a bad start for today, I pulled myself too far beyond my limits during pilates this morning, which made me feel nauseous after that. Thank goodness it didn't deteriorate from there. Phew.

I'm looking forward to work this week. Gonna clear up whatever filing and invoicing I have to do, and start on packing for the moving to new office. Exciting!

Have a good day ahead! xo


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