07 October 2013

Weekly Wishes #11

Managed to strike off three out of four goals from last week!

• Pen down itinerary for Bangkok trip.
The Boy and I finally had a brief talk about where we wanna go/visit, so I guess that's one goal down! I'm really glad we aren't the kind of rushy tourist with hectic schedule. Chillax and easy are the way we rock. ;)

• Hunt for items for September SMC partner, Chelsea.
Many thanks to Za's help, I managed to send out the parcel last week! Can't wait till she gets the late parcel. So. Very. Exciting!

• Work on the letters that are meant to be sent out.
Work has been hectic and it kinda make me sleepy real early. I know, I know. Excuses.

• Clear iPhone photos!
After weeks and weeks of wanting-to-do-it-but-never-get-to-it, the phone's album has finally been tidied up! I left no mercy to the photos I don't need anymore last night. #proudofself


This week I will be working on only one thing - focus less on all the issues I'm facing now, walk into the relax zone. It has affected my mood so much that I'm shutting everyone around me out and bottle it down. I almost drenched The Boy's excitement for the trip, which I feel bad about.

It will be easy, right?

Send your encouragements to the peers who are linking up here!



  1. Staying relaxed, positive, and happy are on my goals every single week and it's actually helped tremendously. I never let anything get to me and even if I do, I remember to just stay happy and it works! Don't shut people out or bottle it in just transfer it into a better energy and you'll find that people will pick up on it and transfer it back to you! Good luck! :)

  2. Take it easy this week! Have some 'me' time to recharge then come back out refreshed :) That's what I usually do.
    Good luck!