15 October 2013

Weekly Wishes #12

Last week was all about focusing more on the brighter side of life. It didn't really happen so until the night before my Bangkok trip. The jar was at its limit - I poured most of the things to The Boy, cried a little and went to sleep. The morning of the trip came and I was as blank as a piece of paper, but in a good way. Wasn't anchored by any negative feelings, The Boy's love shower helped too.

Speaking of which, I'M HOME!

This week's goals:
• Travel posts on Bangkok trip. I've penned down point draft on my little travel notepad, excited to see 'em materialise on this little space! The Boy is obviously excited to read the perspective from my eyes too, I know because he kept asking "Have you blog about it?"
• Do my part of sharing a little on the parcel I received from Chelsea Ward, my SMC September partner!
• Brainstorm for SMC October's theme. Being in Singapore where it's Summer sunny all year long, it's a little difficult to be inspired.

Right now I'm just enjoying the one day Public Holiday here in Singapore - taking my own sweet time uploading photos of Bangkok trip to Facebook, listening to songs which I can understand, gulping down the herbal tea my mum brewed, gearing myself a little for work tomorrow.

How are you gearing yourself for the week ahead?

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  1. Hey! Good luck with your weekly goals! I hope you had a good trip and you'll have fun writing your travel posts :)

    1. Thanks Chiara! The trip was good with weird happenings. Heh. Can't wait to start writing!

  2. Good luck with your goals this week! Bangkok sounds like a blast! I'm looking forward to reading your posts about your trip. :)

    1. Thanks Crystal! I'm having lots of fun writing 'em!