22 October 2013

Weekly Wishes #13

Without further ado, let's take a quick recap on last week's goal first!

• Travel posts on Bangkok trip.
I had so much fun writing them while going through my notebook! It's like reliving that moment all over again. Hopefully you have as much fun as I did reading through the entries. If you haven't read about them, well, you should check 'em out here!

• Do my part of sharing a little on the parcel I received from my SMC September partner!
I was so stoked when I saw the parcel from Chelsea Ward sitting on the coffee table upon returning home from the trip. One of the best feelings ever! I've been working on travelogues of the Bangkok trip for the past week, kinda made it as a priority since J kept asking about it. Now that I've published the last bit of it, I will be able to check this off in a couple of days time.

• Brainstorm for SMC October's theme.
It's really difficult to get inspired since I have not experienced the four seasons. Well, unless you consider almost all year long sunny weather as Summer. I've been cracking my head on this (still is!), hopefully this week I will have an idea and work on the hunting.

On a side note, my image was featured for the theme 'Celebrate'. Thanks Melyssa!

This week's goals:
• Make new buttons! I'm been procrastinating a little on this, but I think I'm ready to work on it since I feel rejuvenated.
• Start brainstorming on Christmas presents. PLEASE don't bite my head off for sparking your excitement, I'm trying my best to contain myself here too. In the past few years, my brother Ron and I have a very bad time management and ideas on the gifts for le nephews and nieces. It doesn't help when both of us suck at picking gifts. I will start by penning possible ideas down this week. Wish me luck!
• Give Blogilates a shot. Not the full force though. I want to hit on the beginner ab and inner thigh exercises first. Don't judge me 'kay?

The week had started out great. It was rather productive at work, on food and actual work areas. Keeping my fingers crossed that it will be better, or at least remain the same!

What is the biggest goal you are aiming for this week? I wish you a productive one ahead!

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  1. Good luck with your weekly goals. I love the holiday shopping season. Gets me pumped & excited. Countdown to Black Friday is on!
    Divachyk @Relaxed Thairapy

    1. Thanks Divachyk! It's a pity we don't have the craze for Black Friday here, but thank goodness the Christmas spirit is everywhere during December. Good luck with your BF shopping in advance!

  2. Good luck with your weekly wishes this week! I have done a couple of the Blogilates workouts and always think about doing more. Have fun! ;)

    I will be back this week to read your posts about your trip!

    1. Thanks Crystal! I have been pondering on Blogilates, but the woman scares me! Haha. I'm still trying to get my butt moving. All the date nights aren't really helping (but no regrets though). Heh.

      Hopefully my posts won't disappoint you! #fingerscrossed