06 November 2013

Gratitude #6

What's the biggest gesture you've ever done to say 'thank you' to someone?

To be honest, I don't know how to answer this. It's not because I don't show my appreciation through words and actions, it's just that I don't consider any bigger than another.

Words of thankfulness are difficult to express, especially towards my parents. I eat whatever they decide to cook or buy, even if I'm already stuffed. Even if my 'thank you's sounded like a mischievous girl or unheard, I don't use 'em as an excuse for not saying.

J knows it when I'm grateful for his actions (and pretty much his existence). I'll shower him with tons of appreciative words, hugs, kisses.

I know I'm not that soft spoken me from years ago, but that me is not entirely gone. Slowly, but surely, such actions will definitely be able to project out easier. At least for me case.

Not sure if I made any sense. Yikes.



I am grateful brother bought the game Final Fantasy XIII-2. It pretty much helped to occupy any leisure time I have before bed, though it's not really helpful for my eyes. Heh. No regrets though!

• Being situated in CBD for 8 hours every working days, one would thought ice-cream carts don't exist at all. So. Not. True. I'm really grateful how the uncle of this particular ice-cream cart never fail to show up everyday. Well, almost everyday. The best part of it is that the traditional ice-cream is only a dollar!

Though the gratitude I have for this week don't sound new, they are the little things that made up simple daily life which I am truly thankful for. What are you grateful for this week?

Let's take a look on how what others are grateful for this week!



  1. I think your post hits on something important -- that sometimes people find it easier to express gratitude through supportive actions! Like you said, maybe it's enjoying more of a meal cooked for you than you feel like eating, or it's showing up at a party or friend's gathering. Sometimes we can't find the words, but being there for someone does the same thing -- and for some people, even more. :) Thanks for participating, Elizabeth!


  2. FFXIII-2?! OMG, yes, great thing to be thankful for! I used to have a hard time expressing my thankfulness with words as well so actions are definitely useful. Do what feels natural because then it'll be more sincere.

    1. MMHMM! A little part in me still do hope that the recipient feels the grateful from me though. Heh.