21 November 2013

Gratitude Thursday #7

Write a post about one of your favourite bloggers, saying why you appreciate what they do.

Now, it's unfair to crown one out of so many that have inspired me throughout my stay in blogosphere. That's for my case, of course. I have been inspired by many great people, no matter how big or small (the inspiration level, not the people). If I really have to pick, the one who had inspired me greatly would be one of the sunshine bloggers - Melyssa from The Nectar Collective.

I still love the rest of you!

To be frank, I am not someone who look at things positively. Well, at least not for myself. It's easier to advise and give optimistic opinions to people around me, but never to myself. In fact, it seems I fall even harder when I'm faced with a situation. I tend to prepare myself for the both possibilities, either the little hopeful results or the worst case scenario.

At first glance, Melyssa display herself as someone who literally has got nothing to worry about. Yup, that sunshine girl running across a big grass plain with unicorn. Or something. She is a human too, so duh, she faces challenges just like any one of us. I admire her for the positivity she upheld in every situation, even her big move back to California. If I were in her shoes, I don't think I will be able to handle the emotions as well as she did in the process of preparation. Of course, the musings by little Monja made me snuggle Xiao Bai even more!

I like how people in the blogosphere inspires one another, even though they might not know it. I'm definitely looking forward to meet more people of such in the near future. ;)


Recent days have been crazy. Splitting Za and myself from the new office, we spent quite some time away physically from the new premises to make use of as much leftover leasing time we have for last minute packing at the old office. I am grateful for the invention and improvements of the mobile phones we have today. Otherwise, based on the rate of the communications we had, any pigeons would've gagged and died if we're using them as messenger.

Speaking of moving, it's inevitable to face my phobia of sticky tapes. Surprisingly enough, I'm able to suppress the fear with all might when it comes to serious business. I cannot be grateful enough of masking tapes and boxes though, they helped moving so much easier.

I'm really grateful for the listening ears of the ladies and J especially. I literally complained and bitch to my heart's content about DJGM in the car ride last night.

Let's take a look on how what others are grateful for this week!