27 November 2013

SMC October - Autumn Adventures

Nothing can stop me from taking part the fun despite living in a country where there's only sunny and rainy weather. Ok, partly is because I didn't want to break the chain of participating, but still!

To be honest, it was difficult to come up with ideas along the theme. I felt it would lose the meaning of getting a penpal from Singapore if I try too hard to meet the theme. Luckily for me, my partner of the month didn't mind a bit on whether or not my parcel will be related to the theme.

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Meet Macey, the nanny with photography eyes from Portland! When the pairing results was announced, J and I were at the beginning stage of our Bangkok adventures. Thankfully Za had emailed her as what we planned, in case my partner runs away. Heh.

I died a little inside (in a good way) when I saw the Haystack Rock Sillhouette. Isn't it so jaw-dropping gorgeous!? The magnet has been put to good use, I can assure you that. For some reasons, my penpals so far had given me notebooks. Hold your horses, I'm not complaining here. I LOVE 'EM! Either they somehow managed to guess my love for notebook or there is some kind of telepathy subconsciously.

Of course, I will try my best not to freak my mum out with that twirly tattoo. #nopromisesthough

I'll end this with Zulu killing having a go at the toy I gifted!


The Snail Mail Collective start afresh with a new theme on the 1st of every month, you have until 7th for registration. Pairing results will be announced a couple of days later (which felt like weeks!). Check out Melyssa or Chelsea for more information!


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