24 November 2013

The Sunday Currently #10

  • READING through my Bloglovin feed. Being away from the blogosphere for a couple of days always seem to accumulate a lot of good reads.
  • WRITING up the things to do in the upcoming week. There are so many to be done.
  • LISTENING to One Direction's Little Things. I like how J sings it randomly during car ride with that loving eyes.
  • THINKING if I should surprise J after he knocks off later.
  • SMELLING nothing. Unless you are talking about the fishy one about what J is getting me for Christmas.
  • WISHING I had more time for packing, unpacking, as well as sleeping time. My whole body is still aching from all of that.
  • HOPING everything will go well for J during his graduation ceremony on Tuesday!
  • WEARING my comfy t-shirt from secondary school camp.
  • LOVING the sight of the loafed Xiao Bai going unbalanced while deep asleep.
  • WANTING to roll on the floor around the room. I don't know how that idea came to me.
  • NEEDING a physically to-buy-list for Christmas. Time is running out!
  • FEELING peaceful on this cooling Sunday.
  • CLICKING through ModCloth's Li'l Prezzies section. I'm dying over how adorable the items are! Really having a difficult time to keep my wallet away.

Despite coming home 3 in the morning, I'm really glad my body decided she has enough rest and woke up at 11-ish. Otherwise, my Sunday would be pretty much burnt. Giving all my best to bum around and relax as much as I can before another crazy week starts.

Have a good day ahead! xo

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  1. You know I love that bunny of yours and I love the theme you went with using your senses and feelings in this post! I wish I could go to sleep at 3 and wake up at 11!! Have fun at the graduation, because I know it is well deserved!

    1. I used to have that weird sleeping hours quite some time back, but I totally kick that bad habit. So this was like the first in a loooong time. To be honest, it felt good. Haha! We had fun at graduation! He was boosting within the car, so I'm proud that he's proud of himself. Heh.