03 November 2013

The Sunday Currently #8

  • READING the feeds on Bloglovin.
  • WRITING a mental to-do-list for the upcoming week.
  • LISTENING the Final Fantasy XIII-2 music. Must. Resist. Temptation. For now.
  • THINKING of pad thai. ):
  • SMELLING the Jasmine fragrance, thanks to Pokka Green Tea in my mouth.
  • WISHING my hair grows faster. I miss my long hair!
  • HOPING I'll have another chance to travel soon.
  • WEARING my PJs, already. What?
  • LOVING how mum can fit into clothes I long cannot.
  • WANTING to know what J is getting me for Christmas. It's no fair he knows what I'm getting him and it doesn't go the other way round!
  • NEEDING to trim my nails. L. A. Z. Y.
  • FEELING a little pity that weekend are coming to an end. On a brighter side, a day closer to moving of office!
  • CLICKING 'Like' on Bloglovin.

Looking back, from all the dinner dates to striking off Halloween shoot with J, this week has been quite a fruitful week. Yesterday I was up at 12pm and today my body was fully awaken at 8am. What's up, body? I spend first half of the day playing Final Fantasy XIII-2 and a couple of hours walk-dating (yes, literally walked and did nothing we planned) with J. Not complaining though.

Anyhoo, I'm gonna bum around a little before retiring for the night.

Have a good day ahead! xo

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  1. A walk date sounds like a lot of fun! Sometimes the simple activities are the best.

    1. It is! But it's not happening too often for us, we are both lazy bums. Haha.