10 November 2013

The Sunday Currently #9

  • READING through my Bloglovin feed.
  • WRITING down recipients' addresses for Christmas card.
  • LISTENING the conversations from 'Family SOS With Jo Frost' on TV.
  • THINKING on how to survive through another hectic week at work.
  • SMELLING the mee tai bak (aka silver needle noodles) soup mummy made for lunch. Mmmm~
  • WISHING it hadn't been this warm since the morning rain. C'mon!
  • HOPING for zero drama with The Wu later.
  • WEARING my PJ, still. Lazy me is lazy.
  • LOVING the Glee's version of Roar. I need to watch the episode already!
  • WANTING Sunday to be a little longer. Just, a little.
  • NEEDING to get a shower and out of PJ soon. Booo.
  • FEELING a little sad because I misplaced my favourite polaroid shot with J. T___T
  • CLICKING through Etsy for planner ideals. Time to prepare for 2014!

So satisfied from eating home cooked food, what a way to kick start the day. It might be better later on, steamboat at The Wu! Provided J really act according to what he planned yesterday, of course. I'm really hoping Sunday won't fly past too fast! Okie dokie, gonna catch up on Glee now. :p

Have a good day ahead! xo

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