05 November 2013

Weekly Wishes #15

Let's check out my goals from last week:

• Gather and wrap up the parcel for Macey.
CHECKED! It waaay past the ideal date for posting out the SMC parcel, but better late than never right? Can't wait till it gets to her!

• Start on a new book.
I failed on this those. I've been spending most of the outside-of-work-energetic time with J this week, and a partial on playing Final Fantasy XIII-2 (I blame my brother on this). The book is still sitting at the side of my bed, better start allocating a small amount of time prior to bed for reading.

• Successfully get the photoshoot that J and I planned to do.
CHECKED! It's always fun to dress up since I don't do it much, especially when it involves J. I'm starting to think of possible ideas for next Halloween already!

This week's goals:
• Create a recipe file. I was inspired to do so when J shared about how he should have one. You might ask why don't we keep a common one? Both of us have different, erm, taste when it comes to cooking.
• Be less judgey about others, even if what I said is the truth. I consider myself as someone with good tolerance, but that's a whole different story when you crossed that thin line.

HAPPY NOVEMBER! Ok, a couple of days late, but still! Lots of packing at work gonna start soon, can't wait to be actually breathing in the air at the new office premises. Maybe not so much of the GM who smokes like a chimney. Which also means, only a short while left till to enjoy all the yummy food in central business district. Sigh. That pros and cons.

How about you? What are some of the few things you do before a big shifting?

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  1. Hello! I'm Amanda, your new friend from the weekly wishes link-up at Nectar Collective! I'm new to that site, and just saw the post about the SMC sign-up, and I think I want to join...looks like fun! What book did you get to read? I have a hard time reading, too...I just try to go to bed a half hour before I want so I can get some reading done...but that rarely works! Good luck with the recipe file...what kind of food do you like to cook?

    1. Heyo Amanda! Welcome to this humble space (thanks Melyssa!). I have taken part in SMC since the beginning, and yes, I can assure you it IS fun. Have you signed up yet?

      I am a hopeless romance, so not too difficult to go guessing what kind of genre I prefer. I have been in and out the lazy mode pretty often lately, hence the motivation to act on that goal.

      I.... don't really cook. I'm not good at it either! But I like the feeling to buying groceries, experimenting in the kitchen. I am more of a dessert kind of person, or finger food. The simpler the better. Do you cook?