18 November 2013

Weekly Wishes #17

Yiiikes. Pardon the MIA, it has been a crazy fast week but productive week!

• Start and get 80% of packing down by Friday.
I was the last to get my butt moving on the packing, but am glad I managed to transfer and box up previous years accounting files. Today has been crazy with all the packing of current files so they can be moved first, tomorrow will be the last charge before the big move! Exciting!

• Work on Christmas cards.
NAILED THIS!!! I sat down a night after dinner date with J and just keep doing until midnight. Once you get the motivation, it's difficult not to kill it or else you just don't feel like doing it anymore, you know? They are currently sitting in front of me, waiting to be mailed out on the last week of November. It's not easy to resist the temptation of sending the surprise out!

• More rest.
Still pretty worn out mentally and physically. Yesterday while waiting for the gang to finish dinner somewhere near the hood, J was watching Power Ranger (HAHA but please don't judge him though) while I laze on bed. I actually zoned in and out of dreamland, AND still managed to sleep like a log at night. I probably need a week's sleep vacation. Urgh.

This week's goals:
• Decide on what to wear for J's graduation. One more week to his graduation and I still have not decided on what to wear!
• Gather up items for my Snail Mail Collective partner of the month - Hannah! The theme is not that too difficult to tackle, but this goal might be a little tricky to strike off since this week is going to be hectic with all the office moving. Fingers crossed.
• Clear all the coins from wallet daily. According to Aslam, this is another form of saving that you don't feel a pinch from. Worth a try.

Any recommendation on a formal (but not too formal) outfit for a graduation ceremony? I'd love to hear your suggestion!

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  1. Stopping by from Weekly Wishes Link-up.

    Good luck with your goals this week. I will definitely agree with the last one. My husband and I have a huge bucket we put all of our change in (and dollars if I have them, I don't like carrying cash) We had been putting change in it for about a year and when we went to cash it out we had about $300! It definitely adds up :)

    Good luck!

    1. Thanks Lorin! I'm excited to see mine filled up. #evilsmirk

  2. Good luck on your goals for this week! And saving your coins is a good way to save up on some cash... Need to keep that in mind :)
    And for the graduation, maybe you have a fun dress or skirt somewhere?

    1. Thanks Susanne! I just might have something in the wardrobe, though not sure if that's fun. Haha.

  3. Good luck with your goals this week! I agree that saving coins is a great way to save money and you don't even notice it at all. I like to save coins and cash them in before a vacation for spending money. I usually get all that I need from the coins and I don't have to touch my bank accounts. :)

    My idea of formal wear is always a pair of black pants and a nice blouse. A good friend of mine is getting married next year and my mom is really hoping that I'll actually buy a nice dress for it!

    1. Thanks Crystal! I had fun dropping the coins in and listening to the sound of that. Heh.

      Looks like your mum had her mind set of seeing her girl all dolled up! Hahaha. My boyfriend actually requested for the dress (which I currently own) he would like to see me in, so thank god I didn't have to buy too much stuffs.

  4. I'm notorious about the coins...I still have change from when I lived in Korea rattling around my purse. Whoops! Also, OMG, a graduation! THAT IS AMAZING. Make sure to take plenty of photos. :)

    1. I tried to clear my wallets from foreign currency in case I use them back home! Heh. I will try my best to take as many photos as I can! XD