21 December 2013

DIY Christmas Greeting Cards

First off, I must declare that I am not a crafty person. Seriously! I am.... artistically challenged. I can try my best to pen down something I've seen, but not something I imagine in my head. Sad, I know.

For some weird reasons, I thought it would be pretty cool to hands on Christmas greeting cards. It's the first time I actually send out greeting cards for Christmas, and to do it personally brings the whole experience up a notch.

What I use:
• A4 sized hard paper
• Colour pens
• Crayons

1. After folding the A4 paper into half, draw the outline of Christmas lights on the first/cover page.
2. Fill in the bulbs with colours. In my case, I modified a couple of colours differently for each of my recipients.

3. Moving on to the inside of the card, insert your greeting. Drew a little Santa, reindeer or even snowman if you like!
4. Sign off with your name. In my case, I stated my name and blog url at a corner on the last page.

Tadah! I know it don't look impressive or original, but I feel pretty proud of it given my amateur skill.

What are some of your DIY cards that you are proud of? Do share! ;)



  1. A friend of mine got into the stamping craze years and years ago (like, back in high school almost ten years ago now, I'm so old!) and I stamped with her whenever I was at her house, but other than that I'm honestly not much of a DIYer. Every time I think about doing something DIY I usually rethink it when I think about what I have to buy to do it and the amount of time it would take! LOL. Maybe I should make a goal to work on one DIY project every month next year.

    1. I am not a good DIYer too, all thanks to procrastination and clumsy thumbs. A DIY project every month sounds like a big deal! Looking forward to read about 'em. ;)