31 December 2013

Looking Back: 2013

Can you believe, it's already the last day of the year. This year I'm spending it a lil differently, since The Gang had already made plans. Today is just like any other day dating with J, except our conversation. Just a couple of hours before, we talked about our moment in 2013, individually and as one. What we like the most, what we are grateful of, the moment we regretted.

I don't think I have grown much as an individual and I definitely need to do that in the upcoming year. Together with J, we had been through so much this year. The happy, the sadness, the lost. It was definitely a roller coaster ride, together.

Sure, sitting here typing while drinking from a can of green tea might sound a little.... sad (it is a little actually), but it's alright because I realised I needed this alone time to bid farewell to those heart aching moments of 2013. You had made me, us, stronger.


• Watched the movie 2012 as a form of surviving that year
• Embarked on ACCA
Chopped Cut my hair short, again
• J met my maternal aunts and cousins for the first time
• Started reading habit, kind of
• J and I marked our half decade together
• J is cooking a lot more since his school started (YES for my tummy!)
• Met lots of awesome people from Snail Mail Collective hosted by Melyssa and Chelsea
• Joined J's family in Hari Raya celebration for the second time after a year's break
• Went to Bangkok with J as a graduation celebration
• Played dressing up in our own current career with J for Halloween
Wina, my first ever paid sponsor
• Got crafty with my clumsy fingers for the first time for Christmas greeting cards and gift tags



  1. I think sometimes the harder parts of life make us stronger. I wish you a wonderful new year!

    1. You got that right. Going through it is like hell, looking back at it can't help to feel heartache, but at the same time happy it is over. Happy new year to you too!