26 December 2013

Merry Boxing Day!

HO HO BOXING DAY EVERYONE! Kinda sucks that today is still a working day here in Singapore, especially after a night of 3 cups of diluted alcohol from last night's Circle of Death penalty. Yah, I was the unlucky one to get 2 last King. The other one? I took it for J since (1) his religious don't allow him to, and (2) he was the driver of the night. I will receive my Good Girlfriend award now. :D

Initially I thought the Christmas celebration with The Gang this year would be slightly quieter since almost half of us couldn't make it, which was why we decided to go with potluck dinner at Parry's place. Lucky us, Parry had his cousins joined us as well, which was fun-er than expected.

It's safe to say that everyone liked what they received during the gift exchange, as well as the rounds of Circle of Death that followed by. I seriously wonder how the three gentlemen woke up this morning for work.

Before I end this, I just wanna say thanks again for how concern my friends were after downing that three penalty drinks. Made me feel so loved and looking forward to another fun Christmas. I am thankful for the time and companionship, especially from J, during the shopping spree. Also, I know how fortunate I am and the least fortunate were on my mind. Hopefully I'll be able to give more during the next Season of Giving.

Happy holiday everyone!



  1. Ahhh!! You look adorable with that little hat! Way too cute and way to be a good girlfriend for J!