25 December 2013

SMC November - What are you grateful for?


"Sounds like a pretty broad and easy to explore theme, and I'm pretty sure I'll be able to send out the parcel much earlier than before!"

Yup, that was the thought that floated in my mind when I was signing up for the month's Snail Mail Collective. It was half true though, the theme being easy to explore. It turned out I was much later than before. I know, I'm such a tardy partner. But lucky me, my partner was a-okay with it! Phew.

Meet Hannah from Nottingham! We talked about everything under the sun, and briefly touched on our individual thoughts of relationship. I was stoked when I saw the brown parcel on my coffee table, and that was just the beginning!

When I opened up the box, I thought my nose picked up a scent that linked me to food. My whole room was filled with that yummy smell. My brain was already processing on the type of food she had included in the parcel. Can't blame a foodie, right? The handwritten card greeted me first, which was awesome by the way. Then, the mystery to the scent was revealed. Yankee's Snowflake Cookie candle! How cool is that!? I have heard of them but never really research to find out more. Isn't Norman, the snowman, adorable?! Since he was coated with the smell from the candle, naturally I can smell home when I'm work. Yah, he is officially a resident on my work desk. I'm still looking for a spot to hang up the big snowflake, can't wait till that happens!

I didn't light up the candle since the candle emits faint scent in the state it is, so I positioned it at a spot where the fan is. I love returning home to the calming smell.

If you wanna know what I got for Hannah, do check out her post! HO HO HO!

The Snail Mail Collective start afresh with a new theme on the 1st of every month, you have until 7th for registration. Pairing results will be announced a couple of days later (which felt like weeks!). Check out Melyssa or Chelsea for more information!



  1. I hope you had a lovely Christmas.
    Reading this post made me smile, I need to get one of those candles for myself they smell so good!


    1. You totally should! Have you use any before?

    2. I haven't used any yankee ones before but I really need to!
      I got my Sister the snowflake one for her birthday and she loves it!

      Happy new year!

    3. Yes, you really need to! Drop everything on hand and go shopping!