30 December 2013

Weekly Wishes #23

Happy second last day of the year! It's so exciting yet omg-it's-too-fast kind of emotions. Before we move on (get it?), let's take a look at last week's goals:

• Think of what to give for the gang.
Although the brainstorming and shopping process was crazy, the thankful expressions they had were priceless. I guess I managed to express my gratitude through the little gifts.

• Wrap all the presents up before Christmas eve!
A little secret, I was still wrapping on the Christmas morning, but I managed to get all done before the potluck dinner!

• Enjoy Christmas, whether or not I'm spending it at home alone or out with the gang.
It ended up being awesome. Love all of it.

This week's goals:
• Enjoy the last two days of the year without getting stressed out at work.
• Finish up the 2014 planner!
• Make the best out of New Year's eve since I'll be spending most of it at home.

It's the last Monday of the week, y'all! I really have a love-hate relationship with the speed of time, especially as I get older. If only we have a pause button in life.

How are you preparing yourself as the new year approaches?

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  1. I got a new planner last night and I am super excited to fill it out! :)

  2. I am making a list of all the ways I can help people or be a better person in the new year.

  3. I hope you enjoy the last two days of the year!

  4. I bought a new calendar specifically to plan out blog posts and have been filling that up. It's exciting! :)

    1. Sweet! Now I feel motivated to continue mine. Woosh!