01 January 2014

Embracing 2014

After bidding farewell to 2013, it's time to say....


Made a point to wake up early and not to sleep in since there are things to be done before the New Year dinner with The Gang. Right now I'm multi-tasking, big time. Skyping with BF (it's not Best Friend nor is it BoyFriend), eating all sorts of junk food because I'm getting hungry, typing this, thinking of work. Yikes.

Anyhoo, let's get to the main track of this post - Resolutions of 2014.


Two years back this project was ditched halfway just because I put too much pressure on myself. I really want to try this again, which can help mould my determination and observation. Of course this time round, I will remind myself to have as much fun as I can.


I am a VERY messy person. Really! I know where my things were in the mess, does that sounds bad? Time to kick off this bad habit and be organised for the things I hope to achieve this year.


It doesn't hurt to have that extra cash in the bank for emergency purposes, or even future plans. I have been trying out ways of saving during the later part of the year, but still haven't found one that really help set my foundation. Hopefully I'll be able to set on one and keep my bank growing.

Time waits for no one and it's really important to treasure each seconds. I'll be giving in my best to make things right from the beginning. May the one above be kind of us all with health and opportunities. Gear ourselves with the best weapons we have and charge ahead!



  1. Time waits for no one. You are exactly right. There is a song with that line that I love. I'm always singing it in my head. Live life to the fullest each day!

  2. Great goals! We can encourage each other through the Project 365 process. :)