16 January 2014

Gratitude Thursday #12

• Hitting the quarter mark wasn't as scary and unpredicted as I thought it would be. I mean, with all the rave about quarter life crisis, I was kind of prepared for sitting around the house, thinking what future holds for me. Luckily for me, I have family and friends who constantly remind me about future briefly. The celebration was made extra special with J's planning and the warm wishes from loved ones.

• With the right mood - Chinese New Year, January Directive, Weekly Wishes - kicking in, I was really in the mood of tidying up my room area until I reach my limit. I am thankful and lucky to have my brother helping in with the big dusty project.

• Participated in Get Fit Giveaway hosted by Crystal, and boy am I overwhelmed! Although it has only been a couple of days since it started, the giveaway has already given me a whole new experience during my stay in blogosphere. I am thankful for the opportunity and the very YOU who are reading this post.

Finding gratitude wasn't too difficult this week with so many awesome happening. Life is so much more happier when seconds aren't taken for granted and you appreciate every little events. (I wish I am sipping tea like a boss after typing this line, but really no, it's bed time.)

What are the little things you are thankful for this week?


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