30 January 2014

February Directive

Time to set some goals for another month of The 2014 Directive!


Whenever I express the need of exercising to some people, their initial reactions would be "You don't need to! You are so skinny already!" It's as if being skinny automatically means I am super healthy. Well, sorry world, I am not. Few years ago I started noticing the sharp pain in my chest area. Some times it would feel as if it was my heart, other times my muscle. I don't know, my company doctor wouldn't know from the surface too because the pain don't stay there long enough for her to examine. Which, is a good thing, by the way. I kind of chuck the issue aside until the pain visited more frequently two years ago. I know, I should get some detailed medical check-up, but the thought of the whole process scares me. Yah, I'm stubborn that way.

Anyway, I figured the least I can start to change would be my food intake and healthy routine. Don't worry, I ain't those type who can survive on pure salad. What? I love my meat, 'kay? I already am focusing on less carbonated drink, who knows I might cut it out from my life in the near future. Getting back to the directive track, I want to make a difference in my routine by incorporating exercising in it. We are talking about beginner stage here, people. So, for this month's directive, I will be concentrating on exercising at least 3 times a week. It can be anything. Cardio, yoga, blogilates, brisk walk, jogging, swimming. The list can go on and on and on.

If you know of any pretty decent beginner exercises, feel free to drop a comment or two. I would love you so much. I really would.


Although I did not managed to work on my closet and get my office desk cleared up, I am still proud of myself to say I did a pretty decent job. I didn't take any before-cleaning photos because.... no. I am proud of my ability to find stuffs in the pile of mess but that does not mean I am willing to share photos of them.

Mum even commented she don't remember when was the last time the room is this clean. Erhem.

When I was fretting over how to keep the wires, my genius brother suggested using toilet rolls. Yaaah, I kind of have a big plastic of 'em stashed in the store because I wanted to try out a craft work, but it still have not happened yet. ANYWAY, so glad he had such an idea because it totally rocks!

What is the main goal you are targetting next month? I would love to hear about it!

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