08 January 2014

January Directive

It was one of many other signs when Jessica shares about The 2014 Directive. What do I mean? Time to change and improve my lifestyle!

The very first directive are going along side with my resolutions - to be tidy and organised.

For quite a while, I have been nagged reminded at my messiness. Many don't believe I'm a messy person until, well, they witness it for themselves. Usually these people are family members and the ones at work, and of course J as well. As much as I take pride in the weak ability to remember what-thing-is-at-where in the midst of the mess pile, it had brought inconvenience as well. To others, mainly. For example, my mum would need to flip through the pile when attempting to look for my bank book, or that one period where I fell sick so terribly and my colleagues had to sift through my piled up tray. I know, it's embarrassing trait but one that dies hard.


I am targeting my room, desktop icons, closet, desk at home and work. Brother was sharing the idea of reshuffling the room a little a couple of days back, which helped in motivating my butt even further. I'm going to do the repacking and tidying section by section, just so I don't overwhelm myself and eventually give up. I can't wait to see how much progress I will make at the end of the month!

Take a look at what others aim to achieve this month!

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