12 January 2014

The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore

J got me good one this time round. Apparently he had planned and booked a hotel room just so he could make my 25th birthday extra special, as well as to spend some quality time with me. Oh, in case you haven't notice, it's a room at The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore.


Before I move on, let's side track a little to the conversation J and I had during the walking to the hotel. He shared how the front desk officers at Crowne Plaza are trained to take note on guests' date of birth, just so they can prepare a little cake set up in their room. I told J probably not at The Ritz-Carlton, guessing how busy they might get during check-in timing, they might just overlook. J was 50-50, and so we arrived the premises half an hour earlier without much expectation.

We entered from the entrance near Marina Square and Millenia Walk, not quite sure where the reception is since we didn't manage to see any signage that direct us there. We just kept walking straight until we saw what seems like the reception area. I was expressing my amaze softly to J that they offer complientary drinks, he said it's pretty normal since it's a 5-stars hotel. #okayguy We were served by Mr. Mahesh Vadivelu, the front desk officer, who gave us an awesome experience!

I gave J the look in regards to the officers taking note on the birth dates and he gave me a smile back. Here's a looong conversation we had:

Mr. Mahesh: So, what's the occasion? Any celebration? Anniversary....
Both of us: *look at each other* Erm...
Mr. Mahesh: ... birthday....
J: *gives me the should-we-tell-him-look*
Mr. Mahesh: ... or just a staycation?
J: Uh...
Mr. Mahesh: Oh I see, ok then.
Me: Yah.... it's kind of a celebration. Birthday celebration, kind of.
Mr. Mahesh: Oh is it? Whose birthday is it? Let me check. *looks at my IC* OH I am so sorry! Happy birthday, Ms. Than!
Me: Oh it's ok! Thanks! *awkward smile*
Mr. Mahesh: Ok, let me see what I can do for you.
Me: Oh no, it's really ok. *awkward laughter*

He was definitely apologetic on the part where he didn't notice from my IC in the first place. At this point, I was hoping there weren't be anyone singing birthday song in the lobby to me. I'd probably die of awkwardness.

Mr. Mahesh: So what made you chooose Ritz-Carlton as your stay?
Me: Well, I wasn't the one who pick the hotel. He did.
Mr. Mahesh: That's a very good choice, Mr. Wu.
Both of us: *less awkward smile*
Mr. Mahesh: So Mr. Wu, is there any preferences in regards to the room?
J: I requested for higher floor, and give us one with a good view if possible.
Mr. Mahesh: Of course! You are with the birthday girl!
J: Hahaha.
Mr. Mahesh: Normally our check-in timing is 3pm, but since it's your birthday, Ms. Than, we will give you an early check-in.
Me: Awww that's too nice of you. Thank you!

He walked us to the lift lobby, told us where our breakfast buffet would be and gave us a name card for any future assistance, wishing us a good stay and happy birthday before our lift takes off. He. Is. Too. Kind.

Isn't the room amazing!? J had already told me about their walk-in closet beforehand, but I was still very wow-ed from seeing it with my own eyes. The views from the bedroom and from the bathtub are beyond awesome. Seriously! You can see the whole stretch of ECP expressway, in which J and I were looking forward to watch the peak hour jam. You can see the flyer from the bathtub and if seated at the left corner of the bedroom window. Sigh, I wanna go back there now.

The hotel room's phone rang just as we were soaking ourselves in the awesomeness, J answered and it was Mr. Mahesh! He called just to ask if we are satisfied with the room. His service made me giddy, in a good way.

J did his normal thing, reading through the dining menu and sharing how the process of making them (it's both a good and bad thing about dating a chef) while my eyes enjoy the scenery outside the window. We bummed around a little bit and just as we were ready to head out for dinner with Sherry and Parry, our room's door rang. We looked at each other, puzzled. J looked through the pinhole and opened the door, a service crew with push cart and a big slice of cake! Oh. Em. Gee.

I was all jelly when I saw the cake! There was this surge of feeling rushing inside, all I could do was say to J "Omg. This is.. omg. Wow. Omg." Yup. We read the card together, penned down his good wishing for my birthday and a special thanks to J. Awww Mr. Mahesh, you spoil us big time.

Both J and I enjoyed the fluffy bed so much, we had a very good night sleep. This is the first time I don't wake up with body aching from awkward sleeping posture (ie J takes up a little of my part of the bed) because the bed was freaking big! How big? Two pillows can be stacked side by side in the middle of us! The thick topper definitely plays a part as well. It was also the first time there wasn't "A little while more" when it's breakfast time. Good job, bed!

Their breakfast spread at Greenhouse for the day was pretty decent, for both J and me. J was slightly impressed by the thick fruit slices and much fascinated by the candy bar. Seriously, this is the first hotel I visited with a candy bar. Luckily we took the advice of Mr. Mahesh, who told us to dine at the very beginning or near the ending of the buffet to avoid any queueing or crowd. True enough, halfway through our breakfast, the crowd started coming in. Both of us are no crowd lovers to be honest. J felt a little turned off from the blur faces of the service crew and the crowd, he actually suggested leaving when he's done instead of his usual of asking if I am done. Bread pudding, I will get to you, one day.

When we arrived back to 30th, we realised the Passing Out Parade has already started. We stuck our butts in the couch by the window until the end of the parade, reminiscing about his not-so-great POP experience, getting goosebumps from the BMTC Roar and singing praises of the awesome bird eye view from up-top.

We retreated back to the room, rolled on the bed some more, sit by the window and talked about the future a little before checking out. I can't tell for sure when will there be another opportunity of returning visit, but we will definitely miss the great experience.

Thank you, Ritz-Carlton, for making my birthday and our monthiversary a special one. Our stay here has left us with fond memories and unexplainable experience. We hope to come back one day for your great amenities, as well as your team of superb service.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. Above content are purely personal opinions. Photos are taken by yours sincerely unless stated otherwise.


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