19 January 2014

The Sunday Currently #18

  • READING the postcard J wrote from Ritz-Carlton once again.
  • WRITING up the list needed for Wina. Woohoo!
  • LISTENING to You Really Got A Hold On Me by Mr & Mrs F.
  • THINKING of what to have for breakfast. I'm too lazy to move my butt out to buy, so probably instant noodles, again.
  • SMELLING nothing. See, I obviously need food now.
  • WISHING J was here so I can give him a BIG hug. #weirdgirlfriend #notneedygirlfriend
  • HOPING time will not go by so fast today.
  • WEARING my PJs. I know, I know.
  • LOVING this Sunday cool breeze.
  • WANTING to wash up Bear Bear. J needs to act on it!
  • NEEDING to treat my skin a little better, especially my face.
  • FEELING in a saint mode.
  • CLICKING through Facebook feed.

Planned to wake up earlier but gave in to the tiredness of my body, which I'm glad I slept in a little while longer. I'm feeling so motivated right now to do everything, to continue working on my January Directive. Wooosh!

Have a good day ahead! xo

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