26 January 2014

The Sunday Currently #19

  • READING planned posts written on my calendar for next week.
  • WRITING the postcards for two pals allocated to me from Postcrossing.
  • LISTENING to Counting Stars by OneRepublic.
  • THINKING how nice it would be to lay flat on bed after a day of cleaning and especially a heavy meal.
  • SMELLING my hair, pretending I have a moustache.
  • WISHING everything will go smoothly for her!
  • HOPING I have long hair now so I can plaid to my heart's content.
  • WEARING a purple top and navy blue FBT shorts.
  • LOVING how productive it has been. My desk area looking fine (to my eyes).
  • WANTING to work on something crafty for Valentine's, but my fingers are too lazy.
  • NEEDING to shop for Chinese New Year.
  • FEELING oh-so-very full! Mum's braised chicken rice is da bomb!
  • CLICKING through available swaps in Swap-bot.

I am feeling so very bloated! Gosh. Don't get me wrong, I ain't complaining. Heh.

Managed to do some more cleaning up in the room. Bought new racks for beauty products, cleared and organised drawers. Last stretch before I check off mainly of my January Directive! Can't wait, can't wait!

Have a good day ahead! xo

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