13 January 2014

Quarter Life

The previous weekend was all about celebrating J's birthday, and the weekend that has just past was all about mine!

"I don't know about you, but I’m feeling 22" - Taylor Swift, 22

Except not really, I have finally reach the quarter life crisis. Funny thing, I am not panicking about life as I thought I would be. So.... yay?

J spoilt me big time. Last year I vividly tweet about getting a Pandora bracelet myself to commemorate on hitting 25. I actually ditched the idea because of the price and all, can't believe J remembered that tweet until now. Although we were together during the purchase, I told him to get charms with meaning behind it and not to get for the sake of getting one. When he picked the garden watering can, I frowned and gave him my confused look. Well, he did fill me with the explanation.

"The Love Letter charm is quite literal. The Pave Hanging Heart is a symbol of my love to you, our love. As for the Blooming Watering Can, I am a little selfish. I want you to shower me with non-stop love."

He got me more speechless than I already was, so I return him with thanks in ways I know best - big hugs and kisses.

Thanks baby. ♥

I am satisfied with the usual low profile celebration, even though I had the thought of making something big about turning 25th. I guess my awkward side still cannot handle such attention. Truly thankful and blessed with all the well wishes and gifts, I'm such a lucky girl.

Aaaand here is one with the planner!


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