06 January 2014

Weekly Wishes #24

Time to recap my goals from last week!

• Enjoy the last two days of the year without getting stressed out at work
Surprisingly, nothing much happened during the two days, so lucky me. I was pretty much drifting in and out of the working mode pretty often. That's the norm during Public Holiday, sadly.

• Finish up the 2014 planner
Errr... no, I didn't manage to finish it up. Of course I'm going to continue working on it!

• Make the best out of New Year's eve since I'll be spending most of it at home
Spent the eve like another other day with J before retiring at home to look back on 2013. Although it was nothing as crazy fun as before, I was contented with how things went.

This week's goals:
• Tidy up my room. About time.
• Have some ME time. I'm feeling a little bit of the withdrawal from all the fun, as well as a little exhausted. Right now, I'm in the mood of sitting on a spot, doing nothing and just stone. Obviously I can't now, since my fingers are typing away at work.
• Go all out at work. Although it feels as if I'm on the verge on falling into the pool of flu virus, I want to charge a little before the another celebration kicks start on Friday.

So this week will be dedicated slightly to myself. Since it's my birthday weekend, I kinda deserve it. Right?

What are the things you do to make sure your ME time is fully satisfied?

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