13 January 2014

Weekly Wishes #25

Time to recap my goals from last week!

• Tidy up my room
I actually started only yesterday morning, but I managed to clear off quite a big section with the help of brother. Woohoo! We're going to continue with another part later on tonight. Wish us luck!

• Have some ME time
Hmmm... I didn't managed to sit and stone at one spot as I wanted to, but doing things I like seems to help me feel better.

• Go all out at work
I slacked a little while I can, but mainly rushing out soft documents required for this year. The charging was rather full force on Friday morning before my leave kick start in the afternoon.

This week's goals:
• Check out on the Directive peeps. Since my participation in The 2014 Directive, I have yet to check out the other participants.
• Tidy out room desk area by this week. I'm seizing the opportunity that brother will be home until he book in for duty on Wednesday and the next day.
• Tone down on spending. Last two week have been awesome with J's birthday and mine as well, which meant we spent quite a bit. Time to watch the budget!

Keeping my fingers crossed with all these productivity goals planned. Hopefully this positive energy will flow continuously until the end of the week.

How do you go about planning prior a big moving or repacking of space? I'd love to learn more!

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