21 January 2014

Weekly Wishes #26

Time to recap my goals from last week!

• Check out on the Directive peeps.
Finally left pieces of love on the ladies taking part in The 2014 Directive! Some of their goals are rather inspiring, which may even be possible for my future own. Wooosh!

• Tidy out room desk area by this week.
Ok, that sort of did not happen entirely, BUT I managed to do a little on my shelving. Gonna work harder this week!

• Tone down on spending.
On my part, I kind of managed to watch my spending during work. More economic lunch, less snacks. Although I have been dining out more at night with J, so it kind of equal out a little.

This week's goals:
• Planning ahead in blogosphere. Now that my calendar is up and running (not literally), hopefully it will help with consistency here on nomElizabeth. Heh.
• Give Project Life a shot.

Since I'll be continuing with my packing goal, I am going to be easy on myself on other aspects. Keeping fingers crossed with that productive meter!

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