27 January 2014

Weekly Wishes #27

Time to recap my goals from last week!

• Planning ahead in blogosphere.
Hmmm... I guess I did ALRIGHT. I did plot some desired posts, so I'll grade myself as not-bad as a start. (Yes, I insist.) Feeling good to keep this habit growing though. Wooosh!

• Give Project Life a shot.
Totally AWESOME! I tried out on J's birthday as well as my 25th, heck, I even created a Project Life page! Can you sense how excited I am about it yet?

This week's goals:
• Shop for Chinese New Year outfit. Recent years I procrastinate till the very last week to get my outfit check. It might be due to me being very picky the age thing. Hopefully I can get this checked after work today or tomorrow. Gosh, the thought of the crowd at the malls is already turning me off.
• Finish up the last stretch of spring cleaning for Chinese New Year, as well as my January Directive.
• Play around with Valentine's bubble. What do I mean? Well, I am going around the thought of doing something crafty for Valentine's, but haven't really work on the possible drafts yet. I should at least try to see if it's go-able or not, right?
• Scan my postcards collection. Thanks to Snail Mail Collective, I have started collecting postcards. I have also jumped onboard Postcrossing for such purpose, so it will be real neat to actually keep track on the type of postcards I have on hand.

Guys, have you already notice that we are on the last Monday for January? Oh. Em. Gee. Lucky for me, looking back, January has been a freaking awesome month so far. I am super thankful for all the opportunities and new rods that fish me out of my comfort zone even for a bit.

So what are you hoping to achieve in the last week of the month?

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