11 February 2014

EYE SPY: Lovey Dovey

via Lolly Jane
Those polka dots reminded me of one waishi tape I have.

via The Better Martha
Adorable packaging + Food = YES PLEASE!

via imeondesign
Such a sweet and simple handmade card!

via Ruche
I don't normally wear rings, but I'd give this beautiful a shot.

via TOMS
Aren't those shapes to die for?!

via Pandora
The fatter one would obviously be J. JUST KIDDING. (Not really actually.)

Made something food related for J for the very first time two years ago. Well, that was pretty much the last time. Heh.

Since V-day falls on this Friday, which means J might be working late for orders preparation and me attending classes, it would pretty much end up like most of our dates - food. Yah, we don't really plan for stuffs like that. Maybe, just maybe, we could have a cook out (mainly him cooking and me giving him eye power) and a movie marathon after. We shall see.

How are you spending your Valentine's with your lover or friendship day with your buddies? I'd love to hear about 'em!


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