09 February 2014

The Sunday Currently #20

  • READING Twitter feed.
  • WRITING word for the year. ;)
  • LISTENING and watching Anastasia, again.
  • THINKING what to have for dinner.
  • SMELLING rain.
  • WISHING Saturday was longer.
  • HOPING it wouldn't rain though. How else can J and I tour River Hong Bao later?!
  • WEARING purple-pink combo. Need to get changed soon. Sooooon.
  • LOVING morning with snoring J.
  • WANTING more of what I'm loving.
  • NEEDING to put up the board I bought.
  • FEELING a little of everything at the moment.
  • CLICKING nothing, but gonna start on DIY postcards soon.

The weekend I have been looking forward to is finally ending. Kinda sad that fun time don't last long, but contented for the way all the events had happened. Although, I must admit, I am not quite looking forward for a brand new work week. Gaaah.

Nonetheless, enjoy your Sunday! xo

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