16 February 2014

The Sunday Currently #21

  • READING and catching up on Bloglovin feed.
  • WRITING nothing at the moment.
  • LISTENING to me typing on the keyboard. I don't know why, but I have this weird habit and strength when I hit the keys. *shrug*
  • THINKING about the upcoming weekend. PLEASE let it be drama free, though I highly doubt so.
  • SMELLING the mask I have on.
  • WISHING my tiramisu was a success. Pity it's not, but hey, it was expected since it's my our first attempt.
  • HOPING I had a little more alone time with J. #neverenough
  • WEARING PJ. It's almost bed time!
  • LOVING dinner time with family and J earlier, despite the fact I had to be translator. J is still a little too shy to utilise his very basic Chinese speaking skill.
  • WANTING to change my printer's coloured ink. Boy, can't wait to do it so I can start printing those not-so-DIY postcards!
  • NEEDING to respond those emails. Ooops.
  • FEELING like it's a Saturday, especially after the movie with J earlier. This is going to make Monday more blue than ever.
  • CLICKING on that tweet updates button on Twitter.

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