10 February 2014

Weekly Wishes #29

Time to recap my goals from last week!

• Play around with Valentine's bubble.
Managed to pen down a couple of concept, but don't know if I'll still go ahead with them. Well, I guess I'm fine with it even if I don't because at least I tried. Heh.

• Scan my postcards collection.
Instead of scanning, I thought photographing the postcards would be more personalised (and less stock-ish looking). Which, I did! Woohoo! They are currently in my Flickr set and it will be updated as and when I receive any.

This week's goals:
• Start on my February Directive. I know it's the second week of February and I should've gotten started, but with all the festive mood and dating with J, they kinda ended up as my least priority. Gonna start working!
• Get my sleeping hours back on track. I have actually started getting ready for bed at 1030pm and in bed at 11pm. It did help a little with my reluctant of getting up this morning.
• Work on DIY postcards. Can't wait, can't wait!

As mentioned yesterday, I wasn't (still am not despite being in office now) looking forward to another work week. Well, one thing for sure, the optimistic side of me will try her very best to bring the mood up.

What are some of your tips to feel upbeat for a brand new week? Would love to hear about 'em!

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