17 February 2014

Weekly Wishes #30

Goals recap from last week:

• Start on my February Directive.
Finally started working out with this simple set I found on Pinterest. Felt really good incorporating this on alternate days, good beginning, I guess.

• Get my sleeping hours back on track.
Managed to get my butt moving for bed time around 11-ish at night. It is still a struggle to greet the sunshine but at least I'm getting more sufficient rest that I need.

• Work on DIY postcards.
Got the images I fancy, the template I have been searching for, but the results weren't that satisfying. It's as if something is missing. Anyone has any advices?

This week's goals:
• Work on Project Life for 70th monthiversary and Chinese New Year.
• Send out the loooong pending postcards that I meant to send. Ooops.
• Work on bookmarks for this swap and send 'em out.
• Gather up the items for Blind Surprise Swap!

I have been spending the first day of the week at home instead of work.... sleeping, lying around, napping. My body felt like it was breaking into millions of pieces. After dinner earlier on, and probably hitting publish for this post, I'm hitting the sack again. Gonna need all the rest I need for work tomorrow.

Have a good week ahead! xo

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