24 February 2014

Weekly Wishes #31

Goals recap from last week:

• Work on Project Life for 70th monthiversary and Chinese New Year.
Managed to check the monthiversary box but not the one for CNY. Don't worry, it will be done by this week. ;)

• Send out the loooong pending postcards that I meant to send.
Check and check! Hopefully the customised ones will successfully fly out and arrive their respective destinations! #fingerscrossed

• Work on bookmarks for this swap and send 'em out.
As seen on the image, I took the concept I had with last year's Christmas tags as well as one I learnt from Pinterest. Kinda feel proud of my clumsy fingers and myself.

• Gather up the items for Blind Surprise Swap!
Oh yes yes yes! Now I'm left with boxes (can't decide between from external stores or post office itself) and they are ready to fly. Kya!

This week's goals:
• Prep myself for the swaps next month. I've signed up a couple of swaps, and boy, am I excited!
• Pamper myself.

Er... yah, that's it! Since work will be busy (omg happy thoughts happy thoughts) and it is the last week of the month, gonna pamper myself with the usual - chocolate, love, food, love, nom. (:

Send your encouragements to the peers who are linking up here!


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