14 February 2014

Word of 2014

The procrastinating bug had made this post much delayed than it was supposed to be, but I'm glad to finally jump onboard the Creative Collective.

Think of a word that you want to focus on in 2014.

I need to embrace opportunities. Although nomElizabeth hasn't been in blogosphere for long, I have already been exposed to such love and awesome experience. The journey so far had taught me to think differently, be humble and grateful. There is so much more to venture in this amazing space. It does feel scary to be inching more away from my cave, but I am willing to dip my feet in the foreign pool to allow nomElizabeth and me grow fruitfully.

I won't deny the fact that I wish for a return in time to change the ways I did things, the decisions I made, the path I took. But it is no open secret that it is not possible, yet, so why not learn to embrace life? I wanna treasure each second, making the best out of it. Of course, the bummer-me will not be neglected totally. ;)

There are a lot more things I can learn to embrace and that's exactly what I will do for this brand new year.

What about you? What are you embracing for 2014?

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