11 March 2014

Hourly Snap // 9th March

9am // No prize for guessing which darling is my first target in the morning.

10am // Spent a super looong time having breakfast at brunch timing with brother at home, talking about the happening and people at camp, laughing at nonsensical stuff, chancing upon How to Train Your Dragon on Disney Channel.

2pm // After a satisfying meal and catch up session, time to work on virtual stuffs!

4pm // Escaped to Diablo with a cup of home made barley drink. Mummy knows best.

6pm // All ready to meet the gals! This haze weather makes me wanna put on sandals no matter where I go.

7pm // Dinner at CONCETTO by saveur was meh. It did not feel our stomach, at all.

9pm // Some traditional desserts to fill up that half filled tummies! Really had fun teasing each other, dreaming of a silly future. May we gals be neighbours in one day!

10pm // J insisted on picking me, so why reject the offer? LOL. Just kidding.


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