03 March 2014

Sponsor Spotlight: Foreign Geek // Wina

Penning my first sponsor spotlight post makes me feel so excited, so much so I am trying my best not to squeal as I key in each alphabets! When I received the email from Passionfruit Ads about a purchase on my paid app, I started at my screen hard for ten minutes. Are you kidding me? Seriously?! Really!?! AAAHHH!!! Yah, that's pretty much what happened, inside. On the outside, I was literally shaking on my seat. Go figure.

Meet Wina, that very special first, from Foreign Geek! She is currently based in Singapore, but back in hometown for a little treat right now. It's always to know you are breathing the same air as someone from the blogosphere, it makes you feel less lonely. Anyhoo! If you ever fall into a situation where you need to bribe her, cupcake is probably the best choice. Not sure if you will succeed though, but I'm pretty confident she won't reject a yummy looking cupcake. ;)

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A short introduction of yourself

Hello to all types of geeks out there. My name is Wina. I blog at Foreign Geek and I am so excited to be introduced at nomElizabeth.

I mostly blog about my travels, living as an expat and life in between. I'm also a TV show junkie, with blurred lines between my favorite show and the real life. At times I picture myself as Ross Geller from F.R.I.E.N.D.S and think what would he do in a particular situation.

I live with a toy cat named Miaw (yeah, very creative of me!) who travels around with me.

What are some of the things you miss back home?

It has been a while since someone asked me this question. The only thing I miss back home is my home; the people living in it, the kitchen table where I eat home cooked meals, the fridge stocked with my favorite things, like Yakut and peeled rambutan; also my purple bedroom.

Is there any behavior you picked up in Singapore, which you never thought you would?

Supper! Living here I have developed a habit of eating at random times and Singapore is the Holy Grail for late night cravings.

Share about that one unforgettable place you've travelled to.

Oh, I have so many favorite places! Kyoto is one of them. It’s a charming town rich in culture. A must visit! My favorite place in Kyoto is Kinkaku-Ji or the Temple of the Golden Pavilion. It was breathtaking during the fall and I would love to see it again during winter and spring. I can’t believe someone thought of burning it down in the 50s. Ah, Kyoto, if I got a job offer there today, I would pack my bag, download Japanese translator app on the way to the airport and be there by tomorrow.

Is there any Japanese company in need of number loving accountant?

Any advice for someone out there who is one the verge of breaking out of the comfort zone?

Do it! Please do it! Just do it!

You will find pieces of yourself that you didn't know existed; it will broaden minds and there will be stories to be shared. It will make you smile in your sleep and on top of all you will love yourself more for doing it.

I wrote this while I was on the train to Beijing. I was solo traveling to a place where I only knew how to say Ni Hao and Tapau. I had never done this before. I was terrified! I woke up at 5.47 AM even though my train was at 9 AM, drank two cups of coffee and kept a straight face for six hours in the train. Now? Boy, I am glad I did it! I got to tick off one more thing in my bucket list.

Thank you people for peeking into my Pensieve. Come and geek out with me in Foreign Geek, will you?

Thank you very much Liz for asking me all these questions, I'm off to check the budget flight ticket fare so I can have the said home cooked meal soon.

Ps. I have a giveaway for this month from Beijing you. Stay subscribed!

Gone Traveling,
Foreign Geek

There you go, noms! Hopefully you've get to know Wina a little better here and do continue to know her more at her space! Oh, don't forget that cupcake too!


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