27 March 2014

April Directive

Time to set some goals for another month of The 2014 Directive!


Just when I was fretting over what I should be aiming for in the month of April, Jessica became my life saver of the month with her 50 Ideals for Goal Setting post which gave me that eureka moment. Sort of.

To be honest, I have no idea how to.... journal(ing). I mean, I have seen bloggers talking about journaling and stuffs. Is it like diary? Is it like a list in a book form? I won't deny my best pal Google tried to help by sharing how to make a journal and I am still as confused as I was ten minutes ago.

In any case, I am still going to journal a shot! I got this lovely book from Josra, my Etsy Swap Spring Fever partner. Looking forward to see how far this will bring me!


I gave me such fearful images (I have really good imagination when it comes to reading) of Singapore's security being tested and breached, chaos and panic across the island, the angel and demon inside each and everyone of us. The only interesting part was how the author briefly lead his readers through psychology knowledge. His writing method no longer surprises me, but I definitely has the most abrupt ending compared to the other novels of his.

I am only in the first few chapters of A Singapore Love Story, so it will be commented further when I'm done with it.

Like many of his other novels, Low Kay Hwa left me feeling spaced out after reading A Singapore Love Story. I felt deceived by the cover page and the prelude. There was motivation to strive for what one wants the most, the harsh fact on how previous generation (or maybe a handful in the current) yearns for a match-to-match marriage. Just when I thought it would be a happily ever after, the author brought in his usual twist. The last chapter once again convey how sacrificing for the person you love is necessary at times. I just wanna hug J so badly when I was done with the book.

Yes, yes. Instead of one book per week, I only finish up a thin novel. Though I might qualify for the worst reader ever, I really like how it feels to be lost in thousands of words again. This habit is definitely a keeper.

[X] January: TIDY AND NEAT
[X] February: WORK OUT

What is the main goal you are targetting next month? I would love to hear about it!

Take a look at what others aim to achieve this month!


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