02 March 2014

The Sunday Currently #23

  • READING the awesome answers Wina gave for Sponsor Spotlight again. Can't wait to share it with you peeps!
  • WRITING nothing at the moment.
  • LISTENING to brother fighting monster on his laptop in the living room.
  • THINKING about food.
  • SMELLING J. I wish. ): ):
  • WISHING & HOPING March would be an exciting one!
  • WEARING PJ, still. Though I should be going for a shower and all ready for Nathan's full month celebration.
  • LOVING how my body automatically woke up at a reasonable time, early enough to finally caught up with Bloglovin and put together the first Sponsor Spotlight of nomElizabeth.
  • WANTING to rewind back to time, or so it appears in my dream before I woke up.
  • NEEDING to stop shaking my leg. (Yah, I just stopped.)
  • FEELING more motivated to save more money! Wooosh!
  • CLICKING on GIMP layers. Woohoo!

For some weird reasons, I'm feeling pumped to start living Sunday. I'm a little excited to meet baby Nathan, the replica of his dad; To purely rot at my aunt's place after that; Meet J after his work ends. Aaaand, kinda looking forward to work too. That's a good feeling, right?

Have a great day ahead! xo


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