09 March 2014

The Sunday Currently #24

  • READING Sherry's thank-you message for the charms we bought for her birthday. Yaaay!
  • WRITING nothing at the moment. Unless you count replying messages as writing....
  • LISTENING to my loud typing in a quiet room. Brother is asleep, surprisingly early.
  • THINKING about bed. Well, it IS bed time.
  • SMELLING haze.
  • WISHING the haze situation will go away soon. It's totally not making me feel good, at all.
  • HOPING for a less crazy stacks of paper at work. I am always prepared for the opposite whenever I had to take medical leave.
  • WEARING PJ. Did I mention it's bed time already?
  • LOVING how simple the dinner was with the gals. Talking about travelling, current personal updates, silly dream for future.
  • WANTING to hug my bolster.
  • NEEDING to hit the sack.
  • FEELING contented and slightly hang over. I blame it on post fever.
  • CLICKING nothing.

Have a great day ahead! xo

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