16 March 2014

The Sunday Currently #25

  • READING the last bit of 'I'.
  • WRITING to-do-list mentally.
  • LISTENING I See The Light from Tangled.
  • THINKING about how J is has been lucky so far in regards to The Red Tour. The tickets, the Cornetto prizes. Gaaah. Well, at least one of us is lucky.
  • SMELLING the faint scent of my eye mask.
  • WISHING for a peaceful Monday. Please, please, please.
  • HOPING my eye bag will be less puffy soon. I need to get that passport renewal going.
  • WEARING girly coloured PJ.
  • LOVING how well the day has been. Simple, satisfying.
  • WANTING to finish Life of Pi!
  • NEEDING to start on a new book.
  • FEELING happy that it rained almost the whole day. Sure, it did cause some inconvenience during the travelling to and fro Jurong, but no complaint is given. (Y)
  • CLICKING through YouTube and chanced upon this best man speech. LOL.

Although there was a little hiccups while waiting for my called-but-no-show cab and trying to get a new one (nagging aunt + heavy rain + no cab in sight = quiet murderous me), everything else has been awesome. Sister Xuan invited me along to send Yi Xuan to her piano lessons, which somehow created the chance to mingle around a bit with the other two nephews. Seeing how the girls hang out with each other reminded me of how my brother and I used to stay over at my aunt's place during holiday when we are much younger. Oh, and thankfully brother David started on Life of Pi during dinner! Pity I had to stop halfway because there is work tomorrow, but I'll pick up soon!

Have a great day ahead! xo

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