30 March 2014

The Sunday Currently #27

  • READING the email swap from 2 of the designated five partners really helped kick start the day!
  • WRITING ideas in point forms for some posts that have been generating in my head, which have been making me slightly cranky lately. Sorry J!
  • LISTENING to Kiss92FM.
  • THINKING about lunch. Mum is cooking mee tai bak soup! Mmmm~
  • SMELLING nothing, sadly. Soon there will be something from the kitchen!
  • WISHING the sun would be less of a killer today.
  • HOPING I can finalise on J's present for our anniversary.
  • WEARING my hair in a braid. Hot day + thinking hard = real messy in a non-beautiful way hair
  • LOVING how productive it has been since yesterday morning. #proudofself
  • WANTING more weekend time to do things I like, bum around, read book.
  • NEEDING to do some spring cleaning on iPhone! Too many photos that I no longer desire. Wooosh!
  • FEELING a little bummed out to not able to send out those packages I rushed for yesterday evening, due to the post office closing for private event. They could've mentioned it on their website! Geeesh.
  • CLICKING and catching up on Bloglovin feed.

Standing on the last Sunday of March brings bitter-sweet thoughts. Hate how time is flying past so fast without any mercy, but feeling happy how April is finally arriving. Contradicting, I know. *shrug*

Have a great day ahead! xo

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