04 March 2014

Weekly Wishes #32

I think I did pretty good last week. I managed to gather the items I need but the parcesl were sent late, totally need to work on my timeliness more. Oh, just so you know, I had no problem pampering myself, at all. Hah! It's pretty easy to feel pampered by doing random and not-so productive things, junk food, act like a spoilt and love seeking kitten towards J (I do that once in a blue moon erhem). So, I guess it's a YAY!

This week's goals:
• Finish Low Kay Hwa's I. (As part of my March Directive.)
• Send out parcel for International Fridge Magnet Swap Club.
• Shopping time for Etsy Swap!
• Go rolling on Passionfruit Ads Marketplace. It has been a while since I do that, so this would be interesting. ;p

It has been productive-busy at work, but thankfully I have yet to reach that stress level. Hopefully I won't. I'm looking forward to the good week to end so weekend can be here sooner, I kind of need that rest and break from the world.

Have a good week ahead! xo

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