10 March 2014

Weekly Wishes #33

Last week was alright, I guess. I'm at the last few pages of I (slow for a thin book, I know!), gonna finish it and start a new book this week. Managed to do some shopping for Etsy Swap, which in my case is difficult because it's too difficult to stalk on other favourites of my target!

This week's goals:
• Hydrate myself! Being struck by fever twice in three weeks are no fun, even worst in this haze situation Singapore is facing. My throat is starting to feel funny, so I am pretty determined to go that extra mile by drowning my stomach with water.
• Update Passionfruit Ads. Well, that's only because I have some ideas in mind. ;)

I will be focusing more on taking care of my body system since I'm in the midst of recovering. I'm already trying my best to stray away from spicy food. Oh, the torture.

Have a good week ahead! xo

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